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"The TANI way is Green, and the payback is Greenbacks"

  1. Easy-to-Read Identification – all pieces are marked with stainless steel tags to make installation simple

  2. Woven Fiberglass, Silica, and Ceramic Cloths – designed as a lagging and jacketing material for surface temperatures between 125 degrees and 2400 degrees.

  3. Silicone Impregnated and Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloths – provides a lagging resistant to water and oil. The cloth is suitable for temperatures to 500 degrees F

  4. Wear Resistant Wire Mesh – woven wire mesh serves as a lagging for temperatures above 1200 degrees F and as protection against abrasion and physical abuse.

  5. Flexible le Fiberglass and Ceramic Mat – lightweight. Insulates equipment for temperatures to 2400 degrees F. The mat will not shake down with vibration, and it easily conforms to odd shapes. Uniform thickness guarantees thermal efficiency.

  6. Fastening – blankets are laced together by stainless steel quilting anchors, snaps, and high temperature velcros.

  7. Seams – closed with fiberglass and wire inserted threads.

  8. Please note that these are only a few of the many possible fabrics
    to be used in the construction of TANI products