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"The TANI way is Green, and the payback is Greenbacks"

Why you NEED TANI Division?


     Since 1978, TANI Division has been a manufacturer of custom removable insulation. We specialize in designing blankets for equipment that requires regular maintenance such as valves, turbines, exchangers, boiler headers, and pumps. The reusability of the blanket makes them extremely cost effective.  For 34 years, we have been cutting plant’s heat losses by insulating flanges, pumps, valves, fittings, throttle/stop/control valves, exhaust manifolds, pipes, flow meters, welded valves, inspection points, fans, blowers, compressors, expansion joints, access doors, and more. Now that there is a more heightened awareness and upcoming requirements on power generation, more than ever, the TIME for TANI is NOW!
     The TANI way is green, and the payback is greenbacks. Make a difference with TANI’s  soft, removable and reusable insulation! Companies instantly see significant energy savings and a one-year investment payback is typical. Here at TANI, we determine your plant’s specific needs by documenting the dollar savings and investment payback with an energy conservation audit to ensure what is best for your company. Each system we build is with data provided by you, our client, or WE COME TO YOU! Our skilled specialist field engineers will come on a site visit to you plant to create and fit a removable and reusable insulation system to your exact needs. Martin Fabel of the NSP Sherco Generating Power Plant had this to say about TANI Division, “We really gained by switching to TANI Division’s insulation blankets from the spray-type insulation we had been using on our turbine generators.  With TANI, we no longer have to worry about dust contaminating the oil or filtering into our plant.  And the blankets paid for themselves within a year.  We expect to save over $10, 000 per year, and way over $200,000 in savings for our plant during the next 20 years.”
     For 34 years, TANI’s skilled specialists build each system to meet your plants exact thermal or acoustical specifications. In situations where equipment must undergo periodic maintenance or inspection, our products have been proven invaluable.  TANI insulation systems are easily installed, removed and re-installed, mess free, vibration proof, oil, chemical, and water resistant. They reduce noise drastically and are Asbestos free.
    TANI blankets provide SAFETY for employees by reducing equipment temperature and ambient room temperature.  TANI insulation blankets are LONG LASTING and resist cracking even in extreme conditions and physical wear. Prolong the life of your equipment and minimize deterioration with TANI Division insulation blankets.