A machine using Tani bakeout blankes

Bakeout Blankets

TANI’s lightweight bakeout blankets have been used in the ultra high vacuum market in a variety of industries.

An diagram showing the bakeout blanket layers
  • They can withstand temperatures in excess of 500°F, are clean room acceptable, chemical resistant, and fire retardant.
  • The use of these insulation products are unlimited. Blankets can be constructed for selected areas of an entire unit.
  • The design can contour closely to the unit, or simply provide an encompassing tent for efficiency and personal protection.

Typical Blanket Design

  • TANI’s bakeout style blankets are made using 1/2" thick Fiberglass Mat insulation encased in 14oz. Teflon coated fiberglass.
  • They are quilted every 6 inches using grey nomex thread.
  • Most often, multiple pieces get sewn together in the creation of the final product.

Optional Hardware & Fastening Methods

  • Snaps
  • Turn Button & Eyelet Common Sense Fasteners
  • Grommets
  • O Ring Cord
  • Flap & Rope
  • Flap & High Temperature Velcro