Pipes wrapped in a Tani industrial blanket


Typical Blanket Design

TANI blankets offer major benefits for every application. Every TANI blanket comes labeled with wear resistant aluminum identification tags allowing easy installation for its specific application. Our blankets can be specially designed to cover any industrial system, and are sewn with double stitched seams using stainless steel wire inserted Kevlar thread to provide a longer useful life.

Blankets are easily removable and flexible in nature to allows for easy access for inspections, service, maintenance and repair of the application you are covering. Single and multi-layer systems are available.

Available Materials

Additional fabrics, colors, and insulation available upon request. Click on a product to view its data sheet.

Single Layer System

Our single-layer system provides excellent thermal protection and can be used on a variety of applications. Typical blanket thickness is 1" to 2" depending on the operating temperatures of the equipment. Fastening options include pull-down fabric straps with stainless steel D-Buckles, flap and Velcro, flap and rope, or 12 ga. stainless steel quilting pins/lacing anchors.

An image of a 400° or Lower blanket
An image of a 400° or Lower blanket

Multiple Layer System

Our multiple-layer system is common for heat-intensive applications. TANI’s multiple-layer blankets come with staggered seams to ensure thermal protection and heat retention. Fastened using 12 ga. stainless Steel quilting pins/lacing anchors.

An image of a multi-layer blanket