A turbine wrapped in a Tani industrial blanket



TANI insulation blankets are very popular for insulating gas and steam turbines. Blanket insulation is the most efficient and cost effective method because the turbines need to be accessible to perform regular maintenance. The high operating temperatures require us to use a double layer, or multiple layer system to provide thermal protection, and retain heat for energy efficiency. We do so by staggering the blanket seams on each layer.

Piping Systems

Valves. Flanges. Elbows. Strainers. Spools. Regulators. Filters. You name it, we can cover it. It is very common to use blankets to insulate piping components because of the regular maintenance that is required. TANI insulation blankets can be removed, reused, and reinstalled. Quick and easy.

Pumps, Manways, Instrument Covers

Pumps, Manways, and instrument covers can come in all shapes and sizes making them difficult to insulate conventionally. TANI blankets can be designed specially for each one of these configurations and are flexible enough to form around the application, allowing easy access for inspection, service, and repair.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints need to be flexible to allow for the expansion and contraction the name implies. These are commonly seen in high temperature piping systems, and if uncovered result in significant heat loss. TANI insulation blankets are the perfect way to still allow necessary movement of the expansion joint and also save energy.

Transmitter Covers

Transmitters are commonly insulated for freeze protection and temperature consistency. Our insulation covers are custom designed for proper fit and efficient performance. They are easy to install and leave the transmitter easily accessible for maintenance and calibration.

Steam Trees

A steam tree is a central location for steam supply valves. This centralized location simplifies installation and makes routine maintenance faster. Our insulation blanket is designed to cover all manifold elements so they stay hot and keep the steam from condensing. Blankets are built as one piece or multiple, and can be installed without removing the hand-wheels.

Pipe Wrap

Pipe wrap blankets are ideal for covering small piping and tubing. They are extremely flexible and easy to install and remove. They can be designed to be applied straight over the pipe, or spirally wrapped around it. Pipe wrap blankets are great for personnel protection.

Acoustical Blankets

TANI insulation blankets offer major benefits for acoustic performance, just as they do thermal performance. The insulation used in our blankets already reduce noise levels to some degree; however, there are additional materials that we can use for sound attenuation. A layer of loaded vinyl can be used in addition to a layer of insulation inside the blanket to reduce harmful noise levels and improve the surrounding work environment of the application being covered.